We Killed Privacy – Remix LP

Shroombab proudly presents the “We Killed Privacy Remix LP” with seven remixes of her work with Kitsune. It is available via Bandcamp and will be sold via iTunes, Spotify, Amazon & more from October 24th, 2016 onwards.

The seven remixes plus the original song are released under a creative commons licence. If you do not officially want to buy the remixes, you can stream and download them for free as well.

But please be aware: The artist and remixers donate their work to fighting for privacy in the digital age. If you enjoy what you hear you can donate money or your spare time to one of the following privacy organisations: AK Vorrat AT (Austria), C3W (Austria), quintessenz (AT) feat. Big Brother Awards, Digitale Gesellschaft (DE), CCC (DE)EDRi (Europe).

All the money that is collected via the bandcamp site and the stores will be contributed to the privacy organisations as well. Please spread the message and help us all to escape capitalism driven surveillance!

A huge “thank you” goes out to the following people and organisations: The streaming server is provided by kapper.net, the graphic cover design is done by Kid Atari. All the credits for the musical remixes go to the remixers: Kid Atari, Polarity, Alpha Roots Dub Project, Joachim Losehand, Freizeitlärm, Franjazzco & DMG.

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